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Aim of the game :This game is based on your child’s daily life experiences which will help him/her put pictures together in logical and correct order and to understand the process of cause-action-result chain while developing his/her language skills.

Content: 6 large cards composed of photographs of functional objects used in our daily life, like iron, orange juicer, etc. and 24 small cards showing photographs of before and after using these functional objects.

The four-colored band inside of each object photo card will match with the right connection of the before and after using that object photo cards.

This game is produced with object photographs, which will help your child to develop more interest to the game while he/she can recall real life situations.

Age: 3+

Number of players : 1-3

Price : 29.90 TL

Dimensions : 19*19*4,5 cm

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