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Playing is a serious job for children. Ages between 3-6 are the most critical period for children. For children of these ages, the most ‘efficient learning’ takes place especially when we play with them.

Daily life experiences are worth like a treasure for our children. We have created games with photographs from our daily life experiences, so that you can play with your child with pleasure. All GUGDA games are created to develop our children’s language and logic skills and are composed of photographical expressions. In this way, children develop more interest to the game while he/she can recall situations from his/her daily life.

All of our games are also made adaptable for our children needing special treatment according to their intellectual ages.

What is GUGDA?

Everybody knows peek-a-boo game. It’s the first socializing game for the babies. And it’s so important that the eye contact through this game generates the first steps of social communication. Our name GUGDA, is the way of saying "Peek-a-boo" in some north region places of Turkey.

Good games!

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